Here are some of our earliest shows.  We recommend you visit our You tube channel to find the latest videos.


Episode 1 - Aired on 10-02-2016


We are dealing with the ramifications of Islam today and the atrocities attributed to ISIS but the questions must be did it all begin. Join me as we discover the Rise of Islam.

Episode 2 - Aired on 10-09-2016

Amazing Faith

This sermon follows the story of Abraham and Isaac and the story of they're amazing faith.  If God asked you to sacrifice the one you loved the most, what would you do?

Episode 3 - Aired on 10-16-2016

Can the Bible Really be Trusted?

With all the uncertaintity in the world today, is there anything left you can trust?  The answer is yes.  THrough all of the attacks and criticisms of the Bible, it stands and a source of hope and security.

Episode 4 - Aired on 10-23-2016

Faith, Fear, and Abortion

In the middle of the election drama the topic of abortion is inevitable.  Take a look at some of the emotional, physical, and theological issues of abortion.

Episode 5 - Aired on 10-30-2016

Death's Question Answered

Halloween is a time of the year when America seems obsessed with the dead.  The question arises What happens when you die.  Find out in this week's episode.

Episode 6 - Aired on 11-06-2016

The Future of America

Who's in charge of Aerica anyway?  This is a prophectic look into the future of the world as outline in Daniel chapter 2.

Episode 7 - Aired on 11-13-2016

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

If God is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful, then what in the world went wrong on planet earth?

Episode 8 - Aired on 11-20-2016

The Thankful Leper

The holiday season is a great time of excitement and togetherness for most people.  However, it is not like that for everyone.  On this episode of Behold the Savior I guarntee you have something to be thankful for.

Episode 9 - Aired on 11-27-2016

Signs of the Times

The world seems to be turning upside-down and we must wonder, how much more can Jesus take before He returns?  On this episode we will give clear, Biblical signs to understand the nearness of Christ's return.

Episode 10 - Aired on 12-04-2016

The Return of Jesus and the Not so Secret Rapture

When Jesus comes will it be a secret or will the entire world know about it?  Find out on this week's show.

Episode 11 - Aired on 12-11-2016

The Untamable Tongue

Have you ever said something you regret?  Find out how God can help you control your tongue.

Episode 12 - Aired on 12-1182016

The Significance of a Virgin Birth

Many things have crept into the Christmas tradition through paganism, the virgin birth is not one of them.  See the evidence for yourself.

Episode 13 - Aired on 12-25-2016

Three Precious Gifts

Merry Christmas.  This is a special episode as we interview two foreign missionaries, Sara and Allen Griffin.  Watch as they report how they are expressing Jesus' love in Guyana South America.