By connecting the pieces of Bible prophecy

Connecting the Peaces of Daniel & Revelation

You will also connect the peaces of the Bible

No, it's not a mis-spelling.  When the puzzle pieces of the Bible come together you cannot help but to see the peace that God can offer.  Join Brandon on this thrilling series. Daniel and Revelation, two of the most cryptic and mis-understood books of the Bible will be the focus of the series.  These two apocalyptic books contain the prophecies that will unlock your understanding of where we stand in time.  Open your Bible and follow along as the Holy Spirit leads you through an understandig of the biggest questions of all time:

Did God create the devil? - Are the Ten Commandents still valid? - Why is there so much pain on earth? - What happens when you die? - And much more

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"I have met few people who can present biblical teachings in a simple-to-understand way who also love sharing it.  Brandon knows how to lead people step-by step into a deep understanding of the Bible and into a relationship with the God Whom it points to.  I've been encouraged by listening to him.  But most important of all, his teachings come straight from the Bible."

John Rengifo, pastor