Do you desire a more healthy and abundant life?  Do you struggle with high blood pressure?  Do you know someone who has diabetes?  How about cancer?  By making simple changes in your life you will greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  By following these simply guidelines people have reduced the amount of medication they are on others have even found freedom from medication.  Please consult your physician before making any drastic changes of diet, exercise, and/or medication.  ​​​

​Please note these are simple steps. You are encouraged to continue your research.  Please contact us for more information and how to have this series presented for your group.



The saying is true, eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat supper like a pauper.  Our bodies are designed to handle more food early in the day.  Our bodies will digest food earlier in the day far better than later.  Eat a large breakfast, a sensible lunch, and a light supper.  If your BMI is higher than 25 you may benefit eating a later lunch and not eating supper.

The China Study has shown that the western diet is failing Americans.  The key is in the plants.  By instituting more fruit, nuts, grains, and vegetables and lessening the intake of meat you will greatly reduce heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.



In a time when more people have a sedentary lifestyle than ever before it is imperative that we exercise.  If you have no exercise routine institute one now.  As always please check with your physician first.  Get that blood flowing and get those lungs expanding.  A simple start is to take a walk for at least 30 minutes a day for six days a week.  Begin slow take a break if you need to then gradually increase your exercise. 



Soda, coffee, tea and energy drinks are very popular today and have a lot of cleaver advertising to sell it.  Unfortunately these wreak havoc on the body.  The key is to drink 8 glasses of water a day or 64 ounces. 

We expel water all day by simply breathing, sweating, and evacuating.  This needs to be replenished.  A key to see if you are getting enough water is if your urine is clear.



Those of you that have had a child with jaundice will know that the first thing the doctors tell you is to place your child near a window so the body can rebuild the depleted vitamin D.  By getting outside or at least sitting by a window and receiving all the benefits of the sun depression can be combatted and the elements that your body need to fight disease are restored and strengthened.  Please note too much sun exposure is possible as well.  Be sure to properly protect yourself when out side.



Temperance means totally avoiding things which are harmful to your body and eating, drinking, and experiencing those things which are good in moderation.  Needless to say if you smoke now would be a good time to stop.  Smoking leads to epmhyzema, cancer, low birth weight, high blood pressure, and much more.   It has been discovered that even second hand smoke can lead to the same.

Alcohol consumption is equally harmful.  One in five who drink socially will become alcoholics.  The number one cause of mental retardation is fetal alcohol syndrome.  If you would like more information on learning how to quit please contact your local hospital for organizations that can help.



We live in a wonderful time when travel and information make things possible and attainable like never before.  Unfortunately it has paid it's toll.  Smog leads to breathing issues.  If possible, visit a country setting frequently and enjoy the fresh air.  Go outside and enjoy the nature that Go has given us.

While purified air inside is wonderful, it is no substitute for fresh outside air.  Get away from the desk, computer, and TV and breathe deep and expand those lungs.  This will actually expel those toxins and other material that will get trapped in our lungs.



Adequate rest is essential.  While we need to be active, useful, and a benefit to society, we also need our rest.  It is recommended to get around eight hours of sleep each night.  While we can build up a sleep debt we cannot build up a rest debt.  Go to bed early and wake up early and refreshed.  Take one day off and enjoy time with family, friends, and God.

Trust in God


This is the most important of all.  While making changes in your life can help you to feel like a younger, healthier you; trust in God will make you a new you.  Put your faith in God to see you through.  With God all things are possible.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness all these shall be added to you.

                                                                                                        ~ Matthew 6:33 ~