Out of Egypt


Jesus is known as coming from several different places in the Bible, for example; Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Egypt.  If you were alive when Jesus was born where would you have been looking for the Messiah?  Where are you looking for Him now?


  1. How is Jesus commonly referred?  - John 1:45

Over and over in scripture you see Jesus referred to as Jesus of Nazareth.  Nazareth was a city of about 15,000 to 20,000 inhabitants situated on the hills of the province of Galilee.


  1. If much of Jesus life was prophesied, how do we explain what the religious leaders said? – John 7:52

Jesus was known as Jesus of Nazareth but He wasn’t born there.  Thus He fulfilled the prophecy “He shall be called a Nazarene” as fulfilled in Matthew 2:23.  Diligent Bible students will note that no prophet of the Bible made this prophecy.  One of two possibilities is likely.

1 – Matthew was quoting inspired writings that were not canonized as scripture.

2 – Matthew was referring to nasar/neser not nazir (Nazarene).  Nasar, means a sprout, sprig or shoot.  This prophecy can be seen in Isaiah 11:1.


  1. Where was Jesus actually born?  - Micah 5:2

Bethlehem, once called Ephratah, is one of the oldest towns in Palestine.  Matthew 2:1 confirms the place of Christ’s birth.


  1. But wasn’t Jesus from Egypt? – Hosea 11:1

Hosea prophesied that the Savior would be called out of Egypt.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem but called out of Egypt, why?


  1. When did Jesus go to Egypt? - Matthew 2:13

Because the wise men returned back east a different way, in Herod’s rage, a death decree was issued (Matthew 2:12, 16).  God, in His always loving watch care, warned Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt and remain there until further notice.


  1. Was Joseph obedient? - Matthew 2:14

As soon as he arose he took Jesus to safety.


  1. How could Mary and Joseph afford a trip to Egypt? - Matthew 2:11

The gifts given to Jesus were more than symbolic they were practical.

Frankincense – Used medicinally for many things

Myrrh – An anti-bacterial agent

Gold – To finance a trip to Egypt


  1. How did Joseph know when to come out of Egypt? - Matthew 2:15, 19-21

God, again, spoke to Joseph in a dream.  Joseph, again, obeyed immediately.

What if Joseph hesitated at either instance?  What if He did not yield fully to God?  In every aspect of our lives we must yield to God’s leading.


  1. Where did Jesus go to after Egypt? - Matthew 2:22

Joseph, for fear of Herod’s son, went to Galilee which is where Nazareth is thus fulfilling Bible prophecy (Mt. 2:23).


  1. How can the extraordinary events of Christ’s birth help me today? – Luke 1:14

Jesus was born to give us a hope.  Hope that there is something more than us, something bigger than us.  Hope that one day things will be perfect once again.  Does that put a smile on your face?



            It is important that we understand where Jesus was from because it shows, clearly, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy over and over.  The most import thing to realize, though, is that Jesus came from the Father.  Even more important than that, though, is to know where He is now.

            Jesus is represented here in the Bible and in His people.  Why not use this season to show people where Jesus is by the way you live.  Show the world that Jesus lives in you heart.




     The song of the heavenly messengers proclaiming the advent of the Saviour to a fallen world, and the joy expressed at this great event, Satan knew boded no good to himself. Dark forebodings were awakened in his mind as to the influence this advent to the world would have upon his kingdom. He queried if this was not the coming One who would contest his power and overthrow his kingdom. He looked upon Christ from His birth as his rival. He stirred the envy and jealousy of Herod to destroy Christ by insinuating to him that his power and his kingdom were to be given to this new King. Satan imbued Herod with the very feelings and fears that disturbed his own mind. He inspired the corrupt mind of Herod to slay all the children in Bethlehem who were two years old and under, which plan he thought would succeed in ridding the earth of the infant King. But against his plans, Satan sees a higher power at work. Angels of God protected the life of the infant Redeemer. Joseph was warned in a dream to flee into Egypt, that in a heathen land he might find an asylum for the world's Redeemer. Satan followed Him from infancy to childhood and from childhood to manhood, inventing means and ways to allure Him from His allegiance to God, and overcome Him with his subtle temptations. The unsullied purity of the childhood, youth, and manhood of Christ, which Satan could not taint, annoyed him exceedingly. All his darts and arrows of temptation fell harmless before the Son of God. And when he found that all his temptations prevailed nothing in moving Christ from the steadfast integrity, or in marring the spotless purity of the youthful Galilean, he was perplexed and enraged. He looked upon this youth as an enemy that he must dread and fear. That there should be one who walked the earth with moral power to withstand all his temptations, who resisted all his attractive bribes to allure Him to sin, and over whom he could obtain no advantage to separate from God, chafed and enraged his satanic majesty. [Confrontation p. 27 E.G.W.]