Special Edition    SABBATH SERIES 

This is a preview of the Special Edition Sabbath Series.  This series will cover the Sabbath through out history, what it means to us today, and what it will mean in the future.

God's Holy Day

What day is the Sabbath and why does it matter?  Let's find answers to these questions from the Bible.

*This is an older video and not technically part of this new series but it it will lay a foundation for this series.

The Sabbath Pt. 1: YESTERDAY

In this presentation we will journey through twenty centuries of Sabbath-keeping from the time of Jesus until today.

The Sabbath Pt. 2: TODAY

Is the Sabbath relevant to us today?  If the Seventh-day is a holy day then how can we keep it holy?  Let's discover how we can best honor God on His holy day.

The Sabbath Pt. 3: TOMORROW

What is the Mark of the Beast and what does it have to do with the Sabbath?  Could this be a determining point of where our allegiance will go?

The Sabbath Pt. 4: Where to Share

Learn some effective principles of how to share the Sabbath with a hurting world looking for peace from God.

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