The Unbreakable Family


     There are two institutions that the devil has been attacking ruthlessly since the Garden of Eden.  One is time with God, the other is time with family.  This series is designed to breathe life back into the God ordained institution of family.

     Did you know:

       -One in Two children will live in a single         

       parent home at some point in childhood.

       -One in three children is born to unmarried


       -Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.

       -Estimates show that approximately 2 million

       American children under the age of 18 are

       being raised by their lesbian and gay


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     Is a broken home God's plan for our families?  Our future is doomed if things continue the way they are.  Take the time to see how God can make your family unbreakable.

The Unbreakable Family


      Some say that they are not yet ready for heaven because they have not had a chance to have the relationship with a partner that they dream of.  Remember this, you were created because God desires a relationship with you.  In Matthew 6:33 Jesus reminds us that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all this will be added unto you.  Make this your focus and everything else will fall into place.
     The key to a good relationship is communication.  Let’s make our relationships a place where we feel comfortable communicating, a place where we want to out-love one another.  Let’s make our home a place where angles feel welcome and comfortable, a place where we can come closer to Christ.


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Baby Dedication


      One of the greatest privileges a parent can have is to dedicate their child to the serve of the Lord. Let us follow the example of the most influential mother who every lived, Mary.  Trusted by God to raise His son Mary dedicated Jesus to the Lord as a baby.

     Is a baby didication and baptism the same thing?  Find out this and much more in this article.


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What does the Bible say about transgenderism?


     My dear friends we live in an exciting time when new things are happening.  Technology exists today like never before.  We even have the technology to manipulate hormones and the basic body parts that make us who we are.


     A question that has risen recently is, what does the Bible say about transgenderism?  Is God in favor of this?  How should I respond to the growing popularity of this subject?


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