A multi-media event presented like never before.  Sit in awe during this presentation that was developed to help those who want clear and concise scientific answers to our origins.  By attending this program you will significantly increase your knowledge and understanding of many aspects of science.
The data presented in this program are based on research done by the top scientific minds of our day.  Including research performed by Walter Veith, Stephen Hawkins, Vance Ferrell, Ben Stein, Jobe Martin, and more.  Information and findings as gathered from NASA and many of the world’s top Universities and Museums will be presented.


Areas of study will include Astronomy, Geology, Paleontology, Biology, and Theology.  As we look into the world and all of its unique structures you might ask the question, how is this all possible, how did all this come about?  Are we here as a result of divine placement or is it a random chain of events that led to what we see today?  This is your chance to have your questions answered.
Find out what turned this evolutionist into a creationist!

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