We want to be on TV!

          We are looking to make our next big leap into reaching our goal of telling the world about the love of Jesus.  We have the opportunity to be placed on a television market that has a potential audience of 1.3 million people.  We are looking to secure a prime spot on television at 8AM on Sunday morning.

          We can certainly use your help in making this goal a reality.  Channel 68, located in Hagerstown, Maryland has a viewing audience that covers four states.  Securing a spot on WJAL Family would enable the Three Angels Messages of Revelation 14 to go into many homes that a person would never be able to enter.

          We are in the begining stages of planning but we hope to be on television within a few short months which doesn't allow us much time to come up with the $1,200 we would need each month to secure this 30 minute time spot.  Please pray for our ministry that God would use us to lead many people into a saving relationship with Jesus.

          If you would like to partner with us and financially support this outreach project please click the donate button below.  At this time your gift is not tax deductible but we are working to make that a possibility.

          We soon hope to have a pilot episode available for you to share with your friends an generate excitement.  Please continue to check back for updates. 

          Click here to view our first episode.


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West Virginia



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