What Would You Ask God? Part 1


     Why do bad things happen to good people?  That is the subject that is at the root of many of the questions asked.  Find answers to the following questions in this presentation.


- Why did God not help my family member with cancer?

- Why did He let me go through so much trauma from my near death car accident in 1994?

- Why did you allow Lucifer to have so much power over mankind and do you feel  

  responsible for all the lost souls?

- Why did Jesus say "Why have you forsaken me?" while being crucified?

- Why did He make stink bugs

- Will we actually remember our loved ones in heaven when we see them?

- Will we know eachother?

- Will we remember our lives on earth?


What Would You Ask God? Part 2


     You've asked the questions, now I'll take the time to answer.  Straight from the Bible here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


- How was God created?

- How and why did God create this world?

- Why did you create a world that you knew would fail?

- Are there beings on other planets?

- How can we be thankful for life when we never asked to be born?

- Why did God create men so different from women?

- Who replaced Judas as an apostle?

- Why does God not like money?

- Who's the naked man in Mark?

- Are there ghosts, do people go to heaven when they die?

     As we go through our lives here on earth we are met with many questions.  Although we may not find all the answer we are looking for this side of Heaven, we can find answers to most of our questions. 

Post your question below and it may be added to the seminar and/or one of my weekly video Bible studies.