What Would You Ask God?


This two part presentation will answer the questions that have been on your mind.  You have asked and now we answer.  We will find the answers to your questions straight from the Word of God...the Bible.  I have been collecting questions via Face Book, my website, and numerous other resources to help give you a deeper understanding of God and the world around us. 


Questions such as:

-Will I get wings?

-Do animals go to heaven?

-Why does cancer exist?

-God heal the broken hearted!

-Even if someone doesn't believe all of their life, is their place in heaven still there?

-Why does God love me so much He allowed Christ to die just for me?

-Am I ever going to be happy and unburn all bridges?

-Why do bad things happen to good people?

-So what's so special about your God?

-How do you make everything right?

-If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, and the consequence of not believing in God is hell and He knows exactly what would convince me to believe in Him, why has He not seen fit to share that with me or any Christian I have ever met?

-Are there animals in heaven?

-I want Jesus to play with me.


The first presentation will give an answer to the most commonly asked question that I get, Why do bad things happen to good people?, while answering the questions that have been posted that relate to this subject.


The second presentation will be answering the various other questions, with a time at the end for Q & A with the presenter.


It is not too late to submit your question.  Feel free to submit a question below or visit us at Facebook.