Coming to Greencastle, PA

What Would You Ask God?


This two part presentation will answer the questions that have been on your mind.  You have asked and now we answer.  We will find the answers to your questions straight from the Word of God...the Bible.  I have been collecting questions via Face Book, my website, and numerous other resources to help give you a deeper understanding of God and the world around us. 


Questions such as:

-Why does illness exist?

-Why did God create Lucifer if He knew he was going to sin?

-Who replaced Judas as an apostle?

-When are you coming?

-When will people stop asking questions and listen?

-What's the best way to handle my problems?

-Why does God not like money?

-When we all go back will we have a second life eventually?

-Where does taking down the Confederate flag fit into Bible prophecy?

-Who's the naked man in Mark?

-Can people in Heaven see what's happening here on earth?

-Why me?

-Does God help find a partner?

-Why can God not intervene with free will?

-Why did you create a world that you knew would fail?

-What political actions can Christians perform to stop the moral decline in the USA?


The first presentation will give an answer to the most commonly asked question that I get, Why do bad things happen to good people?, while answering the questions that have been posted that relate to this subject.


The second presentation will be answering the various other questions, with a time at the end for Q & A with the presenter.


It is not too late to submit your question.  Feel free to submit a question below or visit us at Facebook.